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A better way to track your career progression

We help you understand the work you do and articulate the impact you make to others

TrackProgress - A better way to track your career progression | Product Hunt

Not sure where to start?Have a look at our curated pathways to get started.

Pathways help you gain the skills you want using step by step checklists. These are built by the community members and organisations who have researched, curated and tested the best paths for progression.

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Track your progress, incrementally

At TrackProgress, we believe that regularly reviewing and incrementally improving your goals helps you achieve the best outcomes. It’s often hard to find a way to manage that, so we’re working hard to do it for you.

Better story telling

Telling a good story will help others understand the work you do and why you do it.
It helps them understand your goals and provides context to your work.

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Understand the impact you make

We want to help you understand the impact your work made, not just when you've been working on it but long after. Using automation, we want to collect the data for you and translate it into a story for you to tell others.

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Integrated into the tools you use

We want to make the product as easy to access as possible. This is why we are bringing the product to you! With our Slack integrations and gentle reminders, we'll help you keep track of every awesome thing you do everyday.

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